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Brad, on behalf of www.facebook.com/friendwatch and parents everywhere, your grief is unimaginable yet your bravery has stolen our hearts. We love you brother and we will make sure this has not happened in vain. We will fight for Jordan.

MelanieFriend Watch

I am so sorry and the pain that I feel for you is unspeakable. I myself am a mother a grand mother and a great grand mother, but I have no answers for you. all I can do is weep with you.

Jan Rae

Your efforts will be rewarded Brad. Your voice is being heard. Everywhere. Feel some peace in yourself knowing you are doing something and it is spreading! Many are spreading your word. Jordan must be very proud of you. It is not un-noticed. I will continue to share your story and pray for your family. You continue to rally!


Brad, i hope this will give you some peace. you have many friends who are praying for you. we are also praying that Jordan get’s justice. Jordan’s earthly worries are over. he is now in the presence of perfect love. he is with GOD. holding you up in my prayers


Your family has weighed heavily on my mind since reading your story last night. My heart is broken for you as well. I will do all I can here in Colorado to draw attention to your cause. Hang in there brother.


Im sorry for your lost. Your son was an amazing kid! He was very talented also!! The bullies may have took your buddy from you, but gave heaven a angle♡ But , who ever bullied your son so bad still has to deal with you and, deal with regret the REST of there life.
Be strong .  RIP JORDAN